16 January 2020

Woodland kick-start 2020 with a brand new website

Welcome to Woodland’s new website.

Woodland’s goal is to highlight the breadth and diversity of its business by kick-starting the new decade with a fresh new website.

The website has seen the introduction of new videos and photography that aims to engage audiences, and give them a better understanding of the different facets of our business.

Connor McCloskey comments, “Woodland has grown substantially in the last decade and we wanted to showcase what Woodland offers for all our stakeholders, including our local community.”

“The new website will not only herald the launch of our exciting new kitchen cabinet range, ‘Procab,’ it is also packed full of content and features, including project case studies, insights into our new product development programme for our bathroom furniture designs, our manufacturing processes and much more.”

“The new website is an integral part of our communication strategy and will support all functional areas of the business. It gives us the opportunity to inform visitors to the website about our business strengths and we hope it will open the door for future business.”

The website will also give potential new employees an insight into the Woodland family and what makes it a great place to work.

As digital platforms continue to evolve in line with customer expectations, as well as making business easier and quicker, we’re already making plans for the next phase of development for the website.

Join us in our journey and keep up to date with our latest news by following our social media channels and revisiting our website.

Explore more of our new website from our homepage.


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